Things That Make Me Laugh

Meg Stalter - her videos on Twitter are amazing.

Larry Kleist - Mr. Show with Bob and David

AO River - Portlandia

                Kate Berlant's entire episode of The Characters (this is just a clip)

John Early's entire episode of The Characters (this is just a clip)

Babies and Bustiers - Inside Amy Schumer

Boo Boo Jeffries - Tiffany Haddish on SNL

Nobody Will Watch The F*ucking Tony Awards With Me - Rachel Bloom

Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder

FAQ: The Status Of The Shits Women Have Left To Give - by Shannon Reed

"We're Assholes:"Sarah Huckabee Sanders Announces the Trump Doctrine from the White House Briefing Room - by John Warner

A Post Gender Normative Man Tries To Pick Up a Woman at a Bar - by Jesse Eisenberg

Famous Authors Reply To Your Unsolicited Dick Pic - by Jamie Cricks

Attorney General William Barr Summarizes Famous Broadway Musicals - by Orli Matlow

A Southern Gothic Novelist's Family Medical History Form - by Megan Castellan

How To Explain Without Mansplaining: A Primer - by Kristy Eldredge

Broadway Musicals Written By Gender-Studies Professors - by Sascha Cohen

I'm Looking For a Woman Who Will Challenge Me - by Tom Batten

Bible Verses With Forced Exposition - by Ben Kronengold and Rebecca Shaw

YouTube Comment or E.E. Cummings? - by Vinny Francois

If Women Wrote Men The Way Men Write Women - by Meg Elison

Maybe I Should Stop Bringing Up My Cat So Much When People Tell Me Stories About Their Kids - Jory John

America: A Review - by Megan Amram

Reasons That Lady is Crying in Whole Foods - by Phaea Crede

All The Babies You'll Meet on a Plane - by Alex Siquig

An Excerpt From James Comey's Closed Hearing Before the Senate Intelligence Committee - by Cait Bladt

Coming This Fall - by Mindy Kaling

Jesus Shaves - by David Sedaris

Bossypants - by Tina Fey

All of Julie Klausner's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recaps for Vulture