Difficult People, Episode 310 "The Silkwood"

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Difficult People, Episode 310 "The Silkwood"

Released by Hulu: September 26, 2017


**This recap contains spoilers so read at your own peril. Your best bet is to watch the episode first, then come back here.*

The season 3 finale (sad face) opens on a flashback to 16 years ago when Julie and Billy first met at a “Strutting to Sondheim” class at Broadway Dance School. Is this still being offered because, if so, I will buy a 10 class pass and make the weekly trek to NYC?

Billy and Julie leave as soon as the teacher asks everyone to partner up, “Let’s make some human connections today.” As any normal human would.

Outside class, they bond over trading Eddie Murphy stories that are less-than-kind (no judgement, I too feel he is less than kind.)

Back in the present, they’re on a “Billy Farewell Tour,” visiting all the spots that made New York his home.
A younger “new to New York” guy and his friend, a redheaded girl, approach and Julie warns them, “New York is going to eat you alive like it’s Lea DeLaria and you’re a pretty new extra on Orange is the New Black. Go back to Kentucky.”

At her apartment, Julie’s recap job has suddenly ended because the website she writes for “just went under.”

On TV, the news says that “a massive sinkhole in Jupiter, Florida devoured the PBS headquarters.”

At the café, Billy trains a new employee, Tony Hale, who plays…. Tony Hale. Love this casting.

He tells Billy he took this job because he wants stability, “Hollywood just chews you up and spits you out.” 

Matthew comes in and says he has some news that will “wrap up my arc of wanting to be on a reality show.”

He got a call back for Supermarket Sweep, which he’ll get after he completes a detailed personality survey.

Lola comes in with some interesting makeup, which she says she’s using to avoid facial recognition cameras.

Denise and Nate come in with some news that has nothing to do with their baby.

Sephora is going to turn their café into a store. Tony Hale loses it.

Gabby holds a meeting for the five surviving members of PBS at her local laundromat.

Gabby wants Arthur to go to Congress and ask for money.

Julie comes over to Marilyn’s place to help fix her AOL email (which only Moms have anymore).

Julie sees a ton of emails from Marilyn’s book editor, “Your book is due tomorrow or else you lose your deal!”

Marilyn asks Julie for help and she agrees. They’re going to stay up all night and write the whole book.

Julie says that secret to writing is that “you can’t write and judge at the same time. You can either write, or judge.” Marilyn tells Julie to write, and she’ll judge.

At Hot Toddy’s office, Billy delivers an invitation to his going away party, which is how he tells Hot Toddy that he’s moving to L.A.

Hot Toddy reacts appropriately, “What the f*ck?” Billy thinks maybe he’ll come back to New York after pilot season.

At Julie and Arthur’s, he’s having a panic attack because he has to testify in front of Congress. Julie finished Marilyn’s book, so she’s exhausted. He wants her help because she’s “a seasoned performer.” 

She tells him “acting is just imitating somebody else’s acting and passing it off as your own.”

At the café, Denise toasts Billy, pretending to care that he’s leaving, “even though you know I don’t.”

Lola comes in with a pink ski mask on.

She learned that makeup can transmit your location to facial recognition cameras, and she is not down with that.

Matthew comes in, he got cast on Supermarket Sweep!

Tony Hale tries to take Julie’s plate and she loses it, “I’m still working on this!” He tells her he’s going to get her some “apology fries.”

As he walks away, she mutters “F*cking Tony Hale.” And he mutters, “F*cking Tony Hale.” I rewatched it twice because it’s so funny.

Matthew recounts his story of being cast on Supermarket Sweep and it sounds remarkably like he was audited by Scientologists.

Hot Toddy calls Billy and tells him he’s not coming to the party because it’s not really a “goodbye party.”

Tony Hale brings Julie her apology fries and she throws them at him. “Apology fries have cheese! Cheese!” And he yells at himself, “Stupid, Tony. Get your s*it together, Hale.” LOL. Cheese!

Billy leaves and Julie runs out after him. He’s sad about leaving. She doesn’t want him to leave.

She tells him she’ll come with him to get him settled. This way they never have to say goodbye or deal with their feelings.

And then we join them in L.A., where the sun is shining and everyone is blonde.

Cashton, the manager of Orenthal Rent-A-Car tells them “I’m more of a performer than an actor, but, yes, I can sing.” Then he gives them a copy of his headshot, resume, and list of foods his nutritionist recommends avoiding.


Julie gets a text from Arthur, she forgot to tell him that she’s in L.A. At their place, he stands before a set table for two, “How long will you be there?”

He starts to laugh/cry when she says she might love it and then they can move there.

In Hollywood (which is a gross tourist trap), they drive to Billy’s new place, “The Silkwood,” which describes itself as “short-term housing for people who haven’t accepted they will be in Los Angeles forever.” It’s 5 miles away. 


At The Silkwood, Joan Gentile. the landlady (Sally Kellerman), exits the elevator to greet them, very Norma Desmond-esque. She assures them she’s "not a ghost."

Julie reads aloud from the brochure, “This part of The Silkwood was originally a mental hospital.”

So it’s no shock when a Dan Harmon lookalike popped up behind Billy.

When they finally reach Billy’s apartment, it’s half demolished.

At the café, Nate, Denise, Lola, and Tony Hale lament the closing of the café.

Matthew jaunts in in a navy uniform, or I guess a SeaOrg uniform. 

He’s been asked to join the boat-based division of Supermarket Sweep called the Sea Org. He’s signing a billion year contract.

In West Hollywood, a sunburned Julie and Billy walk down the street and find a restaurant. The hostess, played by Riki Lindhome, asks them if they want to sit in the “bread or no-bread section.”

Julie gives her a look. “Aww, bread it is.”

The hostess then asks Julie if she’d like a laptop cord, “I assumed you were a writer based on your age, weight, and bread.” LOL, nice.

And then Amy Poehler showed up! She plays Flute, a doula. She says Julie seemed pregnant so she gives her her card, a leaf. She wants to “go on this journey” with Julie.

At Marilyn’s, she gets a call from Veronica about her book. She loved it! 

In front of Congress, Arthur testifies about the importance of public broadcasting but he’s flailing. So he decides to imitate Julie. And it works! He’s more confident immediately! And he demands apology fries!

Hiking in L.A., Julie’s sunburn is worse. Flute shows back up wearing a Jill Stein t-shirt. Because of course she does.

She heard Julie might be having an allergic reaction so she gives her a rock, which is her healologist license.

Billy tells her he’s going to get her an EPIpen from CVS then drop her off at the airport.

Then we get transported forward in time 6 months.

Lola co-owns the café! It’s renamed “Lola’s D’s Café” now.

Apparently, she spent her savings to become a partner and save them from becoming a Sephora.

Guess who comes out of the kitchen?! Not Matthew (not yet anyway). Not Tony Hale (not yet anyway). BILLY!

He’s back because he got cast on Blue Bloods, which shoots in New York.

Then Matthew comes in, he’s “the first homosexual ever to be kicked out of Scientology instead of being blackmailed to stay in.”

Denise rehires Matthew and fires Tony Hale. He gasps and says, “F it all to H.” LOL.

Marilyn makes an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Andy interviews her about her new book. Or tries to anyway. She takes all the credit for writing the book. 

Arthur got Julie a job recapping PBS shows for PBS, which Julie thinks “seems more useless than shaving your p*ssy before you go to a Sound of Music singalong.”

Back at the old Broadway Dance School location, it’s now an NYU dorm with a Chase Bank in the lobby.

Billy and Julie decide to go see a really awful movie, and in another flashback to when they first met, they discuss going to see a really awful movie.

I feel like this is a series finale, more than a season finale. Anyone else get that feeling? I hope I’m wrong (but am I?).

Awesome nicknames Arthur calls Julie in this episode:

Chinese New Year
Nickname (very META)
Lady Foot Locker
Senate floor

And that's it for Season 3 of Difficult People! Let us all give thanks for this season and go out in to the world with all that we've learned. Most importantly: apology fries have cheese.

Thanks for reading!

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